Does Costco Sell Wet Dog Food?


Does Costco Sell Wet Dog Food?

This week’s edition of the San Diego Union-Tribune has a headline: “Costco Dog Food: Does Costco Sell Wet Dog Food?” This is not the first time that this has appeared in the newspaper. I have been asked numerous times “Does Costco sell dog food at all?”

costco wet dog food

I can’t really say that they don’t do any of it but my understanding of “dog food” is slightly different than those who are looking to use the newspaper to promote their products. The term “dog food” is used as a marketing term and is not defined by the USDA. A good example of this is when you hear the term “pet food” used. There is no USDA certification required for pet food in America. The definition of that term, however, is very specific and can be used to define almost any type of food.

If you want to understand “what does Costco sell,” you need to ask yourself what is meant by “wet dog food.” The word “wet” is used to describe dog foods that contain high levels of salt, fat, calories and other artificial substances.

According to my dictionary, “wet food” means something that was made from a “pond, stream, or drain”. For example, if you were to find an animal standing in a puddle of water, they would have to be drinking water from that same puddle if they were drinking water from it.

It’s difficult for me to see how a company like Costco could sell dog food, or anything else, with such high levels of sugar, salt and calories. What does Costco sell, other than dog poop? In order to answer the question does Costco sell wet dog food, we need to know what the company does sell.

Costco is one of the largest distributors of pet food in the country and they offer a wide variety of dog foods. The two main brands they sell are Prescription Diet and Cesar Millan’s Pedigree and they sell many other brands as well. There is a lot of variation in the pricing of these products but generally the products range in price between about 20% to 50% less than their competitors.

In order to be a success, companies have to continually change their offerings so that dog owners can easily make the most effective choice. When a company decides to do this, they will make sure that there is a new dog owner that comes out of it. I believe that Costco is doing this because they are not making enough profit from their pet food operations, so they want to change their offering to drive more traffic to their retail stores.

This is where I disagree with Costco because there is no way that they can make more than two dollars per gallon on this product, which is what most pet food is sold for. They have to charge way above that amount to continue to make a profit.

If I were to buy Costco dog food, I would be able to get a five dollar bottle for twenty dollars or more. Costco claims that this is the price because the food is a Costco exclusive brand, but then again they claim that it is because they have to spend money on the brand name.

The next thing I have found is that Costco dry dog food tends to smell very badly. Some of their competitors have a much better taste than they do. For example, one of my favorite brands of canned dog food is Dutra is a much better tasting dog food than some of their canned dog food products.

It seems that when I buy Costco wet food, I have to constantly put a bag over the can and shake it vigorously. If I do not, the taste is going to stay in my mouth.

When looking for food to feed your dog, I would strongly recommend that you go with a dog food brand that has a better taste. I personally would avoid Costco, because of their poor taste.